12/12/18 Prophetic Service Dec 12, 2018
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King's Way Church

4445 Crescent Road
Irondale, AL 35210

12/12/18 Service: A Day of Prophetic Fulfillment

We believe that this Wednesday, 12/12/18 is a significant day of Prophetic Fulfillment and alignment for the State of Alabama as the Body of Christ is invited to cross over into this Next Season of Transformation!

Prophetic Service this Wednesday
Join with us at King’s Way this Wednesday, December 12th at 6:30pm for a very Special Spirit-Filled Midweek Prophetic Worship Service as we prophetically partner with the Holy Spirit to see the fullness of God’s appointed plans and anointed purpose accomplished in our day! This is going to be a powerful time of worship, prophecy and agreeing together in prayer with God's Prophetic Promises to Alabama along with what He is saying NOW as we give thanks for all that He has done while looking forward prophetically to what He is about to do!

Service Date & Time: Wednesday, 12/12/18 @ 6:30pm

King’s Way Church
4445 Crescent Road
Irondale, AL 35210

A Day of Prayer
We are also Calling a Day of Prayer this Wednesday, where we invite you to join with us in praying into the fulfillment of these prophetic words. You can join with us in spirit by praying from your home or office or in person as the Church will be open for prayer 9am - 5pm in the Sanctuary and in the Prayer Room.

Prophetic Tour & Prayer Assignment
We also have a special group of prophetic friends and leaders, led by Pastor Eddie Lawrence from Grace House in Florence, AL that will be joining us for a time of prayer and declaration from 11am-12pm as they travel from the Northwest corner of Alabama to the Southeast corner of Alabama.

In partnership with a prophetic word they were given by Clay Nash (transcript below) this team will be praying through Alabama this Wednesday beginning in the Northwest at Grace House in Florence, AL as they head toward the Southeast finishing up their assignment at Christ Church in Dothan, AL while stopping to pray with us in Birmingham at King's Way Church from 11am-12pm and with our friend, Bishop Kyle Searcy and his team at Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery.

*We invite you to join us at King's Way this Wednesday 11am-12pm as we partner together in prayer with our friends from Grace House.

Prophetic Pathways:
We believe that even their course is a prophetic word to us.
This a season where Christ is re-establishing His original design for His Church (Matthew 16:16-19, Ephesians 1:22-23, 2:19-20) - the Church is being Reborn as much of what was pioneered in the book of Acts is being recovered with 21st century application creating Kingdom containers where the Holy Spirit can be poured out in power.

With this, we are going to see Jesus’ Mission (Revealing His Father and Restoring the Family while destroying the works of the devil) and Mandate (The Great Commission and the Discipling of Nations) fulfilled as Unanimous Passion (One Accord) for Him fills our hearts and first love fires are rekindled resulting in Revival and Harvest!

To see this happen, it is going to require a Fresh Anointing of the Holy Spirit and Power (Psalm 92:10-14, Acts 2) as we prioritize prayer, prophecy, and praise in our Houses of Worship leading to a Revival of our King’s Ways in the Earth (Psalm 103:7, Psalm 119:37) envisioning, equipping and empowering His Body by His Grace to establish Houses in the Earth that Heaven calls Home!

Prophetic Word given by Clay Nash at Grace House Nov. 28 re: 12/12
I heard the Lord say that there are some in this state that has been just kicking the can down the road. But I have brought revelation to some and they have said, “Well — we’re far enough we need to turn back.” But the revelation that I have released has been to those that have the pioneer spirit and they have said, “We are far enough now we need to go all the way”. And the Lord said what started out in what seemed like foolishness in this state has now become a pattern that I am going to use to stir up a hunger within the hearts of the people of the state to press into I who am number one that this state might become number one.

For the Lord said within a fortnight, a double 7 of covenant, I will rip off of this state from the northwest to the southeast a wet blanket that had settled on the state and in that fortnight, I will bring you to a double 12. There shall be the governmental anointing that will be double portion from here on out. From what I started in Justice and government says the Lord, I am going to lay My hand of blessing and increase of authority and it’s going to begin to explode. So watch in the next fortnight as I bring you to the double portion of 12. And watch the spirit change in this state and the hunger begin to rise in people to where they are not concerned about theirs; they are concerned about mine says the Lord.

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